We Still Need You – 200,000 People Can’t Be Wrong, Contact Your TD Today

Tell your local paper and TD of  the importance of flavoured vapes to stop smoking


Why are commentators failing to focus on the need for a ban and strong enforcement on the sale of vaping products to underage teens?

To stop teens from vaping, the Government must ban shops from selling vaping products to anybody under 18 years of age. The ban must also be strongly policed to make sure all shops comply with it.

Commentators, highlighting an increase in vaping by teenagers, wrongly state that flavoured vapes are a gateway to teenage smoking.

In April 2022 University College London research* found vaping was not a gateway to cigarette smoking for teenagers. The study, carried out over ten years with 37,000 participants, also ruled out previous research that suggested young vapers were prone to taking up smoking.

We ask you to tell your local newspaper and TDs that flavoured vapes are important in helping us to quit cigarettes.

So please ask your TD to inform the Government that it is wrong to ban flavoured vapes, which have helped almost 200,000 people quit smoking

Here is how you can do so:

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© Copyright Respect Vapers 2021 All Rights Reserved.