Vapers Are ‘Fuming’ That Government Ignores Those Who Quit Smoking

Vapers are ‘fuming’ that Government ignores those who quit smoking

CSO data on the rise in smoking during lockdown saddens those who quit.

Wexford vaper says: ‘Without vaping during lockdowns, I’d be smoking again’.

200,000 people can’t be wrong. Vaping does reduce smoking in Ireland.  

People who are vaping to quit tobacco unite for Ireland’s 1st national webinar.

Smokers, who quit by switching to vaping, are fuming that politicians continue to deny the benefits of vaping products in tobacco harm reduction.

Joe Dunne, Respect Vapers, the voice of over 200,000 vapers in Ireland, said that on a day the Central Statistics Office data reports an extra 140 million cigarettes were smoked in Ireland in 2020, vapers believe this reflected the Government’s failure to listen to them.

“Over 200,000 people in Ireland have quit smoking, thanks to vaping. According to the Government’s own research -Healthy Ireland -, 99% of vapers are current or ex-smokers. Vaping products are strictly regulated in Europe and Ireland and 70% more effective in supporting smokers to successfully quit than patches, sprays and gums.

“It is time the politicians stopped hiding behind the ‘smoke screen’ of ignorance and inaccuracies. They need to stop ‘bad-mouthing’ vaping and listen to those who have quit cigarettes through vaping.”

Mr Michael Dwyer from Gorey, Co Wexford quit cigarettes by switching to vaping five years, having smoked for decades.

“If I was trying to stay off cigarettes without vaping during these lockdowns, I’d be back smoking months ago. Today, I don’t need to vape as much as I did in the beginning and I am certainly not vaping as much as I smoked cigarettes in the past.

“I think it is dangerous nonsense for any Government to treat vaping the same as smoking – in terms of health and addiction- as they are very different. I strongly urge those working on the proposed legislation on vaping to listen to the people, like me, who have finally given up smoking thanks to vaping,” he said.

Respect Vapers is calling all vapers in Ireland to come together next Monday for a national webinar to provide them with the facts.

Clive Bates, one of the world’s renowned campaigners for the reduction of the harm caused by tobacco, will join the first webinar and will provide facts on the positive impact of vaping in tackling tobacco harm reduction.

The webinar, organised by Respect Vapers, will take place at 4pm on Monday, 29th March. Vapers can join the webinar on Monday 29th here.

© Copyright Respect Vapers 2021 All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright Respect Vapers 2021 All Rights Reserved.