Happy World Vaping Day

A new report from international health experts, “No Smoke, Less Harm” in Stockholm presents compelling evidence that despite similar levels of nicotine consumption, Sweden boasts significantly lower rates of tobacco-related diseases, compared with other European nations.

The report, details rates of nicotine usage in Sweden and other comparable countries, finding that nicotine use was not a factor in tobacco-related disease.

It found that what does affect consumers’ health is the method of consumption. While using alternative products such as vaping did not pose a significant risk, smoking is linked with a high incidence of death and disease.

While nicotine consumption in Sweden mirrors the European average, the country reports a 41% lower incidence of lung cancer and fewer than half the tobacco-related deaths of its European peers. This stark contrast is attributed to the widespread adoption of smoke free nicotine products such as vapes.

“This distinction between smoking and the use of smokeless products is crucial,” says Dr. Karl Fagerström, a public health expert and contributor to the report.

Sweden’s proactive measures in public health education and regulatory frameworks have encouraged a transition to alternatives such as vapes, significantly impacting public health outcomes.

The report points out that embracing similar harm reduction strategies could be pivotal for other nations striving to reduce the health impacts of tobacco.

Dr. Fagerström added, “The Swedish experience demonstrates that understanding and addressing public misperceptions about nicotine can lead to health policies that better protect and inform consumers.”

Ken Heffernan, a Respect Vapers supporter said the report finds that there were 21% fewer lung cancer deaths in men in Sweden, which is on the brink of becoming smoke free.

“Yet  Ireland has an 18% smoking rate, much higher than Sweden’s 5.6% rate. There are 320,000 people vaping and half of those have quit smoking, so how we know that vapes are key to achieving a Tobacco Free Ireland We urge politicians and medical experts to read these findings.”

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© Copyright Respect Vapers 2021 All Rights Reserved.