Blog: Analysis shows vaping is most effective option for quitting cigarettes

Smokers who are trying to quit are twice as likely to be successful using vapes rather than using patches, gums and sprays (up to 19 in 100 compared to 9 in 100).


According to a comprehensive new Cochrane* analysis, vaping is one of the most effective options currently available for helping smokers quit long-term (going at least six months without smoking).


Vaping was also found to help around 14 smokers per 100 quit long-term, compared to 6 in 100 trying to quit without any of the stop-smoking aids studied.


Respect Vapers welcomes this report and continues to urge stakeholders in Ireland and Europe to take a practical and achievable approach to tobacco harm reduction.
Its supporters urge Governments to embrace these effective tools to help millions of people to quit smoking. Only then will they see tangible results.


Ireland’s vapers continue to face ‘stakeholder reluctance’ to accept that vaping contributes to tobacco harm reduction. With 1 in 5 (18%) Irish adults smoking, Ireland is lagging behind Europe in achieving a tobacco free country. The Government is urged to look at Sweden’s strategy, as it is about to become the first smoke free country in Europe.


Sweden is about to hit this goal and become the first smoke free country in Europe, because it has embraced reduced risk products like vapes. Smoking levels in that country have dropped from 15 percent to 5.6 percent of the population in 15 years, putting it on track to achieve smoke-free status 17 years ahead of the EU’s 2040 target.


Mr Michael Dwyer, a Respect Vapers supporter and former smoker from Gorey, Co Wexford said that the Cochrane report confirms what vapers have been saying for years.
“I tried everything for years to quit smoking and nothing worked. Finally, I tried vaping and I am now ‘smoke free’ for the last decade. The Cochrane report clearly shows that vapes work in the fight against smoking addiction.
“We must separate the issues surrounding vapes. Vapes contribute to a Tobacco Free Ireland. They must be supported. Flavours are very important for people quitting cigarettes as they kill the taste of tobacco. Banning them will not stop children from trying vapes. To achieve this, we need proper laws to prevent the sale of vapes to under 18s. Litter laws also need to be strengthen and enforced to make sure disposable vapes are recycled properly in Ireland” he said.


The Cochrane analysis compared the results for different stop-smoking aids that have been used in over 300 clinical trials involving more than 150,000 people.


Dr Nicola Lindson, lead author and a Senior Researcher and Lecturer based within Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, emphasised the potential impact of the findings:
“Our research dives deep into the world of smoking cessation. By pulling together data from hundreds of studies and over 150,000 people, we can see that when people use the medicines licenced for quitting smoking or nicotine e-cigarettes, they are more likely to quit than if they do not use these aids.”
Dr Lindson said that smoking was a significant health concern and cause of death worldwide. However, it is very difficult to quit.
“There are several products available to help with this, but the relative effectiveness of these methods has long been uncertain. This comprehensive analysis now offers clarity, providing people who smoke, healthcare professionals and policymakers with reliable data to make informed decisions,” she said.
*Pharmacological and electronic cigarette interventions for smoking cessation in adults: component network meta‐analyses – Lindson, N – 2023 | Cochrane Library

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© Copyright Respect Vapers 2021 All Rights Reserved.